Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thank You Saint Mary's

Monday, May 09th of 2011, was my final day at Saint Mary's.  So I would first like to thank everyone at Saint Mary's Elementary School, for giving me the experience that I need to become a better, and improved Physical Educator.  And I would also like to thank Dr. Yang for making all of this possible.  I cannot begin to explain how much I learned over this past semester.  It was a wonderful pleasure getting the opportunity to make myself more prepared for when I enter the teaching world.  As much fun as I had, the kids really enjoyed the time when my class was there.  Our final lab was a little different than the previous five.  At the end of the lab, we did an awesome, energetic dance/song that really capped off our experience at Saint Mary's.  This was a wonderful experience being at Saint Mary's, which made me be a more confident Physical Educator.

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