Sunday, March 27, 2011

Updates on Blogger and Online Portfolio

Over the past day, i have made some changes to my blog.  I added some dfferent colors into it and changed my background picture to a checkered flag blowing in the wind on a nice summer day.  I have also started creating an online portfolio where you can take a look at the early, growing resume i have begun working on.  Physical Education is my passion, and i want to stand out.  Enjoy and please let me know what you think.  My Online Portfolio can be viewed by this link.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Saint Marys's Lab Three:Western Theme

Lab three at Saint Mary's went very well, for the most part.  Last week as i said, i did a very good job when i taught my game.  The kids really liked it, i wasnt nervous at all, and the game went really well as a whole.  This week on the other hand, went a little bit different.  I taught a game that was similar to a different game that the kids are familiar with and they called me out on it.  But i didnt let that get to me and i kept going.  I easily could have tried to explain myself to the kids that it was a totally different game, but that would have been silly.  So i taught the game, and everything went well.  The big thing here is that i may sometimes fail when teaching.  And the one thing that i can not do is get discouraged.  It happens to everyone and is just a temporary road block.  One that can easily be overcome.  Other than the game itself, i thought i did a better job than the previous week.  I was very loud, and got right to the point.  With games that tend to take a little bit longer to explain, i have recognized that the kids sometimes lose focus as well as thier interest.  So being loud, energetic, and enthusiastic is definately the way to go.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chapter Two Presentation

Here is my groups Chapter Two Presentation on Childhood Development.  We covered the main points about early and later childhood growth. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

St. Mary's Lab Two

Lab two at St. Mary's was much different for me than the first lab.  This week, i was in the gym group.  I was pretty nervous on the way to lab because i had to teach my game.  I was praying that the children would like my game, and that it would go well.  When i was up, i wasn't as nervous as i thought i would be.  At the first lab, i had a little but of trouble getting the kid's attention.  This time, i made sure that i was loud, and that i explained the game thoroughly.  I did just about everything right except at first, i forgot to tell the kids what skill we were staring out with, which caused some small confusion.  But to some it all up, i did pretty well.  I was really happy that my whole group taught very well and all the games were a success.  Now that i have my feet wet, i cant to get back out there and teach again.