Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Saint Mary's Lab One

Our first actual lab at Saint Mary's sure was an eye opener.  I had no idea what to expect.  I have worked with kids before, but teaching at a new school can be intimidating, and it was.  I was definately quite nervous when i walked in.  The last thing that i wanted on my first day was to fail if i had to teach my game.  But as we were told already, we may fail sometimes.  But if failure occurs, you just have to move on, fix your mistakes, and get right back into it.  I was really relieved that the first game was taught by one of the TA's.  He got the attention of the kids right away, was very loud, and got down at the children's level, which is key.  He gave me a clear demonstration of how the games should be taught correcty.  At the end of the lab, Frank really ephasized the fact of being loud.  I didnt see one child not paying attention when he was teaching.  To sum it all up, the big thing that i have to work one is being loud.  I wasnt loud enough when i tried to get the attention of the kids, which Elena pointed out.  But overall, our first lab went very well.  My group did an awesome job when they had to teach their games.  There are some things that i have to work on before our next lab, but i am definately up to the challenge.