Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Time At St. Mary's: Lab 5

Lab 5 at Saint Mary's went very well.  All of us chose wonderful games that not only went along with our Easter Theme, but a lot of competition with the older kids definitely took place.  My group was the Special Projects group at this lab.  There wasnt much for us to do around the school, so we were pretty much the floater group.  But being the floater group, i learned actually learned quite a bit.  Dr. Yang came over to where we were and asked us questions about one of the games that was going on.  The cafeteria group was playing a soccer game where they had to kick the soccer ball at targets that were worth a certain amount of points taped to the wall.  Dr. Yang came over and began asking us questions about this game, and what we thought of it.  Off the top of my head, i said it was a very well-done game.  But he asked us to look more into depth with the game, and how we could make the game better.  A big way to make this game better was to have the targets posted on an actual goal.  This way, there could be more success, awarding one point for just getting the ball in the goal.  As much thought as we put into our games, a big part in planning these games comes after the game is actually played with the kids.  It may seem like a perfect game on paper, but the real assesment of the games comes after the games are actually completed.  Over all, we had a very good lab at Saint Mary's.  Ian designed a wonderful obstacle course, Mike put together a perfect song, and Jess finished the day with a great chant to conclude our Lab 5 Easter Theme at Saint Mary's.

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