Saturday, March 5, 2011

St. Mary's Lab Two

Lab two at St. Mary's was much different for me than the first lab.  This week, i was in the gym group.  I was pretty nervous on the way to lab because i had to teach my game.  I was praying that the children would like my game, and that it would go well.  When i was up, i wasn't as nervous as i thought i would be.  At the first lab, i had a little but of trouble getting the kid's attention.  This time, i made sure that i was loud, and that i explained the game thoroughly.  I did just about everything right except at first, i forgot to tell the kids what skill we were staring out with, which caused some small confusion.  But to some it all up, i did pretty well.  I was really happy that my whole group taught very well and all the games were a success.  Now that i have my feet wet, i cant to get back out there and teach again.

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