Thursday, March 24, 2011

Saint Marys's Lab Three:Western Theme

Lab three at Saint Mary's went very well, for the most part.  Last week as i said, i did a very good job when i taught my game.  The kids really liked it, i wasnt nervous at all, and the game went really well as a whole.  This week on the other hand, went a little bit different.  I taught a game that was similar to a different game that the kids are familiar with and they called me out on it.  But i didnt let that get to me and i kept going.  I easily could have tried to explain myself to the kids that it was a totally different game, but that would have been silly.  So i taught the game, and everything went well.  The big thing here is that i may sometimes fail when teaching.  And the one thing that i can not do is get discouraged.  It happens to everyone and is just a temporary road block.  One that can easily be overcome.  Other than the game itself, i thought i did a better job than the previous week.  I was very loud, and got right to the point.  With games that tend to take a little bit longer to explain, i have recognized that the kids sometimes lose focus as well as thier interest.  So being loud, energetic, and enthusiastic is definately the way to go.

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